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Bingo Tips

Here are some Bingo tips for bingo players who play online Bingo and/or in a Bingo hall. Some of the following Bingo tips are more appropriate to the type of Bingo player.
Bingo Tip #1
Understand that there is very little you can do to influence or predict the outcome at.  Equally, burning the number (on paper Bingo cards) does not mean that it will come out the next time.
Bingo Tip #2
ry to avoid overcrowded bingo games, look out for the ones with a good balance of Bingo players, that way you maximize your chances of winning a good size Bingo pot. 
Bingo Tip #3
Never play more Bingo cards than you can watch. Be careful of "play all you want", you'll end up going nuts trying to watch all your Bingo cards.
Bingo Tip #4
If you’re looking for a good-sized cash bingo prize, try the online Bingo games that sell Bingo cards priced at 25 cents. Play Bingo.
Bingo Tip #5
Make friends in the online Bingo community and you’ll never be alone again! That’s right, they’ll stand by you and give you advice any time of day. 
Bingo Tip #6
Look for the Bingo games with the best chat specials. This way you win extra bonuses and keep entertained any time of the day. 
Bingo Tip #7
Look for the best deposit bonuses; you can double your playing money! For example, if you deposit $500 you get a 100% deposit bonus. 
Bingo Tip #8
Be persistent, your luck will eventually bring you Bingo cash prizes!
Bingo Tip #9
Never bang while you are dabbing your Bingo card. Dabbers work better if you dab lightly. If you bang hard, the chances are your dabber will leak.
Bingo Tip #10
Be courteous to those around you. Do not yell out loud the Bingo number you need.
 Tip #11
Buy a Bingo card for a neighbour once a night. You never know when you will want one more game of Bingo when your wallet says it's time to go. 
Bingo Tip #12
Share the wealth when you win. Toss out a lucky dollar to those around you when you win. If they win a larger jackpot, they could return the lucky dollar (ten fold), especially if they win with your lucky dollar. 

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