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Now lets not get carried away! The Casinos are not going to stay around for long if every gambler won every time they played. However, on this site we have provided all the tips and strategies that you need to minimise the house edge. We will now go one step further than that; we will show you how you can "Earn" every time you hit the “Bet” button in an online Casino!

Let’s say that your favourite game is Roulette. If you have any sense you will be seeking out a Casino that provides you with the European (single zero) wheel where the Casino rules also allow for surrender. These features reduce the house edge to just 1.35%. An American (double zero) roulette table takes a whopping 5.3% edge.

Ok, so we are already nearly 4% ahead! Now, what if we told you that in certain Casinos you could earn a proportion of the house edge based upon your own action? I think you would agree that this would give you the best odds available on any roulette wheel anywhere. Right?

This is how it works. At our recommended casino all players in a given period entitle themselves to a share of the Casino profits. The Casino makes 40% of their profits generated from the Casino games available to their members. Now you know why we recommend this Casino!

The amount available to individual players and members is based on their respective membership levels and their proportional share of total casino turnover. Did you ever stop and work out what your Turnover could actually be? If you bet 10 units twice per minute and play for 5 hours in a week your turnover would be 6,000 units!

Now lets say that the average house edge across all games and all players (assuming that most do not play optimum strategy) is 3% (its actually greater than that). On this basis the player at the right membership level would earn over 18 units. It does not matter whether you won or lost on your play! In effect we have managed to reduce the house edge by a further 0.3% for your benefit!

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Let’s say that you prefer sports betting to the casino games. Victor Chandler, the Sportsbook that we recommend, has partnered with our recommended casino and offers a similar package where, provided you register through this site, you will be entitled to Cash back on all of your bets regardless of whether they win or lose!

The earnings from these sources are made available to you weekly and once credited to your account can be drawn out of any cash machine anywhere in the world 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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