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ONLINE GAMING -- this is where you can find all the information you need on each of the most popular games.

Gaming & Gambling is a favourite past time for many and profession for some. There is no doubt that this is the biggest industry online today.

Whilst we aim to give you the best advice and care on our site it must be remembered that you should only bet what you can afford to lose. It is a known fact that the house has to win – otherwise they would not exist – however with your membership to this Casino, you can all win something – and this is our pledge to you to help you win and win again and again.

In the tips and strategies we have outlined many different approaches you might like to take on all the different games. Remember we have over 300 games for your enjoyment - this is around 95% of everything available today online. You will see strategies for many of the the most popular games today - such as Baccarat, Poker, Roulette, Craps, Blackjack and Bingo to name just a few.

We have itemized many ways you can play against the house, but it must be remembered that these are systems that may not always work. At the end of the day each individual must be responsible for their own strategies. Built into this must also be the individuals decision  when it is time to quit, so personal discipline is needed here.

Some games are considered games of skill and these games will offer `payout` depending upon the company’s profits and this will vary from week to week. On the other hand games such as the lotteries where there is no skill the payouts generally are higher as the company can always ensure their margins of profit – which means you can profit more too!

Our aim is to inform you as much as we can of how you can play and play to win.

It is with this knowledge that we hope you enjoy and benefit the most from our service to you.

Any tips or ideas that you are willing to share with us on how others may benefit from your skills are always appreciated – we will be happy to put information up on the site – for the benefit of everyone.

A few suggestions or boundaries you might like to consider:

Never play when you are tired
Watch your alcohol consumption. There is no getting away from the fact that it does impair your reasoning. Just think about the fact that Casinos give alcohol away free!
Do you think that when you are up, you are then playing with the casino's money? WRONG! It is YOUR money! so think like that.
Leave the table after 4 consecutive losses
If the table is HOT, even if you have reached you Win- Stop limit - continue to play -- until you have 3 consecutive losses
Watch how your money is placed by the dealers, they do make mistakes - very occasionally
Know the strategy or system you have chosen. Think about your next move before you play.
Use the appropriate bankroll for your system or strategy.  Play the tables with the limits you can afford.  Your bankroll should be able to cover at least 25 bets, so you should not sit at a €5 table with less than €125. This is your only protection against the inevitable cold streaks.
Never let your winnings `ride`. ALWAYS take 50% of your winnings
Don't try to impress your friends! ALWAYS play within your means - never more than you can afford
Set your WIN - STOP - LIMIT - and stick to it!
Quit when you are ahead: Set a goal for session winnings. If you start with 50 units, each time you are up 25 units pocket 25 units and continue to play with the balance. After you have pocketed your original 50 unit session bankroll, leave it there! Do not put your original bankroll back in play for the rest of the current session. You may wish to begin playing more aggressively, increasing your bet by one or more units.

Casinos thrive on four basic types of players:

Greedy: Players with unrealistic winning goals.
Players who rely strictly on luck (as oppose to skill).
Players with little (or no) money management skills.
Players who play not to lose (as oppose to playing to win)

Play Smart

Playing smart begins with good betting strategy. I have tried to show you the odds the house has over each bet. Making the bets with the lowest house "edge" and avoiding bad bets will improve your chances of winning. However, there is more to winning than just making good bets the casinos would go broke.

Other things to consider in winning consistently are:

Having a solid game plan - Know how you are going approach each session.
Effective money management - Don't play beyond your means.
Have the discipline and confidence to execute your plans - stick to your plans

Try this :

Watch the Table: Get a feel for the table, is it "hot" or "cold"
Bank Roll: €250.00 - Is your bankroll sufficient for the table limits and your system or strategy?
Bet: Limit your maximum single bet to €15.00

Enjoy, win and earn that is our aim.

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