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Why not OWN part of a casino and poker room?

Did you ever think about buying shares in a casino?  Well recently it has become possible to buy shares in a few of the casinos and poker rooms. We even found a privately owned casino and poker room where you can buy shares BEFORE it gets its listing!

Refer a Friend

Find out why this is the best Refer a Friend programme in the gaming business

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How to earn a living doing something you enjoy

This page is compiled for those that already understand the massive incomes that can be earned from promoting casino and poker room sites. It applies equally to webmasters as it does to individuals with a network of friends who enjoy gambling.
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Why most casino bonus offers are a scam...
Ever wondered why casinos seem to GIVE their money away? Ever considered that perhaps they don’t? …You’ll have seen all the banner ads for 100% deposit bonus or $100 deposit bonus being offered by many casinos. Did you ever work out how good that deal really is?
How much do you know about your online Casino?
Whose got your money when you make a deposit?

As a gamer you want to know that you can make easy deposits, get access to your winnings when you want them, not when the casino wants to pay them, and while that money is with them it is secure from mismanagement and malpractice.
  Why Payout % is a real issue
So what is it that makes you play in the online casino that you regularly use? In all probability you saw a real good offer of a matched deposit bonus. One thing is for sure that very few gamers select their casino based on the payout %.

What do Casino and Poker Reviews really tell you?
How do you select the casino / poker room that you want to play at? Casino 4 Gamers has undertaken detailed reviews of many casinos and spoken with so many casino gamblers and poker players to get the answers to the question.

Win Every Time you Play

lets not get carried away! The Casinos are not going to stay around for long if every    gambler won every time they played. However, on this site we have provided all the tips and strategies that you need to minimise the house edge. We will now go one step further than that; we will show you how you can "Earn" every time you hit the “Bet” button in an online Casino!
A Bum and a Man

A Bum Asks a Man for $5 The man asks him, "Will you buy booze? "The bum replies" No."
The man asks, "Will you gamble it away?" The bum replies, "No." So the man asks him, "Will you come home with me so my wife can see what happens to a man who doesn't drink or gamble?"



Casino4Gamers Casino

Find out which online casinos offer the highest paybacks and why it doesn't always pay to get deposit bonuses.
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Get cash back on every bet you make, win or lose. Find out why you will make more through one particular casino.
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Casino4Gamers Poker

In our Poker pages you will discover tips and strategies for the basic beginners and the more advanced players
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Casino4Gamers Sportsbook

The very best Sportsbook provided exclusively by Victor Chandler.
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