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Why not OWN part of a casino and poker room?

Did you ever think about buying shares in a casino? You probably wished you owned a casino so you could make the kind of money they make. Well recently it has become possible to buy shares in a few of the casinos and poker rooms. We even found a privately owned casino and poker room where you could buy shares as it lists!

Due to the unclear legal position in the United States with regard to promotion of online casinos and poker rooms most listings are on the London Stock Exchange.

The largest of these is Party Gaming plc, currently valued at over £5 billion. This business has a higher capitalisation than some really well respected national businesses. Others you can find listed include William Hill.

The online gaming business has been the fastest growing industry in the world for the last two years and the growth continues unabated. The online gaming business is now the largest industry on the internet, larger even than the adult business.

We’re not going to try and tell you whether the shares are going to go up or down, that’s your call. The fundamentals look good on the basis of there still being a real shortage of shares available to buy in these businesses and an apparent abundance of demand.

We turned our attention towards looking for similar businesses that are looking for a public listing and offer shares to the public. There are a few such businesses that have already got the investment banks involved to shape them for a future flotation. The downside is that the shares in these businesses are tightly held by the existing shareholders and not available to us or anyone else at this time.

However, is floating this week in London at an approximate valuation of £700m following which it will be possible for you to acquire their shares through your broker if that’s what you want but remember the value of shares can fall as well as rise. If you want to find out more about 888 take a look at the video…


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