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Sports Betting Tips & Strategies

How to Win
Would you like to know the one secret to winning sports betting? Here is the secret - don't tell anyone else. Look for anomalies in the system. Your job as a sports bettor is to do your research and look for things that have not been appropriately factored into the odds or the betting line. This takes work. You cannot bet on feelings, or your general impressions of what happened last year.

You need to keep abreast of the latest news. Carefully review the team and player statistics. Look over the recent injury reports. Is the game going to take place outdoors or in an indoor stadium? If it is outdoors, what is the weather going to be on game day? You need information and analysis, and you are best off doing it yourself.

Also, look for anomalies based on the psychology of public opinion.

Remember, the sportsbook is adjusting the odds so that there are roughly an equal number of bettors on both sides of the game outcome. If a large percentage of the population is betting on a team to win simply because it is a popular team, the sportsbook may give the underdog better odds than it deserves to even out the betting - so take the underdog.

In summary, the key to winning is to educate yourself. At Casino 4 gamers we aim to help you on this one! Take a look at our pages on Knowing Your Limits, Money Management, Match Analysis, Risk Free Betting and Value Analysis.

When you have started to understand these concepts you will have begun to think in the same way as a professional gambler. Guess what? There’s only one thing we really know about professional gamblers and that is that they must win or it would be a very short professional career.

How Often Should You Win

Ready for another sports gambling secret? This one will probably surprise you. Professional handicappers and sports bettors rarely have a long term winning strike rate higher than 60 percent.

So, do not set your expectations so high that you get discouraged. Your goal is to use consistent money management and win more than half your bets.

Now, this also says something about all those services selling you their sports picks with the pitch that their handicappers are winning at 70% or 80%. They are selling you snake oil. They make their money selling advice to sports gamblers. If they were consistently hitting those strike rates, they would be making their money gambling themselves. They certainly wouldn't be sharing the information. Be very careful buying sports gambling advice.

If you do pay for picks, be sure you are also provided with the analysis supporting the picks so you can make your own decisions.

I hope you have enjoyed these tips. Follow them, and you are well on your way to winning sports gambling.

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