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Basketball Betting

Basketball is the third biggest sport in the United States, and the College Basketball Championship Tournament played every March is one of the biggest events in the sports betting year. Basketball betting is offered as point spread, money line and totals markets.

In the NBA, the game must last for 43 or more minutes to be considered "action". College basketball games must last for 35 or more minutes to be considered "action". Overtime counts in the settlement of all basketball bets unless otherwise stated.

Detroit Pistons



LA Lakers



In the example, the spread is set at three points. The +3.0 after the Detroit Pistons means that the Pistons are the underdog in this game; the Pistons must either win, or not lose by more than three points, for a bet on the Pistons to win.

The –3.0 after the LA Lakers means that the Lakers are the favourites; the Lakers must win by more than three points for a bet on the Lakers to win.

If the Lakers win by exactly three points, then the bet is said to have fallen on the spread and is deemed a push. All bets are voided and the stakes returned in this instance.

The second number, -110, after each team, is the price of a winning bet. A winning bettor will win $100 for every $110 bet.

NBA League Rules

NBA teams play divisional opponents four times each (two home games and two road games), conference opponents outside the division three or four times each and opponents outside the conference twice each (one home game and one road game).

At the end of the regular season, sixteen teams will qualify for the NBA Playoffs. The three division champions in each conference automatically will earn the conference's top three playoff seeds. The remaining five playoff spots go to the teams with the next best records, regardless of divisional alignment. Home-court advantage throughout the NBA playoffs will be based solely on regular season record, not playoff seeding. All rounds of the NBA Playoffs will be best-of-7 games.

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