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Dog Racing

If you’ve ever been a betting man (or woman) then a good dog track is the place for you.

When I first visited a dog meeting, at Catford, I was hooked within minutes.

For a few pounds entrance fee you get an absurdly detailed race card featuring every possible statistic of each dog and, more importantly, a licence to live out your dreams.

That’s right. When I confidently slammed my money on the Tote desk I really was the greatest gambler that ever lived. Perhaps I gave the game away with my meagre stake of 50p but the thrill of the chase can always compensate for such minor details.

punters by the track

Will you be a lucky punter?

Such is the nature of the human condition, of course, that one cannot help but devise a ‘system’.

It never occurred to me that people have been studying the form for months and that it might be possible that there may be the smallest of faults in my new foolproof scheme.

This though did finally dawn on me after I had to consign each of ‘Bet on the second heaviest dog in each race,’ ‘Bet on the dog in the outside trap’ and ‘Bet on the dog that the man in front of me bets on’ to the dustbin in consecutive races.

Delusions of grandeur aside though it was a great atmosphere (plenty of W.G Grace look-alikes, a lot of pipe smoke and an announcer with the kind of voice that was made for the job) and I even managed to back a couple of winners.

This is a great and, if you can restrain yourself, inexpensive night out.

Going Again?
Next time you consider the dogs maybe you want to do it a different way. Why not understand some of the form analysis? Why not understand some of the different bets that you can do? On the Casino 4 Gamers site we provide you with an introduction to Greyhound Racing, take a look at the history of dog racing which has so many royal connections, and provide you with some detailed information on the bets available and how to get the most out of the form guides.

If you don’t have time to go again but have retained your interest why not take a look at the online betting option.
Good Luck!

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