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The very best Sportsbook provided exclusively by Victor Chandler.
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Online Bookmakers

Before you start with online betting, it's very smart to gather some good information about the bookmaker. It's a good advice to follow this little checklist before placing your money in the bookmakers account:

Is it a recognised bookie? A well known name, with a proven track record? In other words: Is your money safe? Check for words on the street, and among other punters. Is the bookie unreliable, or very late with his payouts, etc? If so, then have a look elsewhere. Listen to the grapevine, and pay attention to what others have to say about the bookie.

Payment Methods
The bookie should have several methods of payouts, not only by bank cheque, but also by credit cards and best of all by immediate credit to a prepaid debit card that you can draw on at any ATM anywhere in the world. This is not common but is the new “standard”.

Its a must to know the rules in every game you play, and it's the same story here. Read the rules, and send an email and ask the bookie if you are unsure about something. Avoid bookies who do not accept singles. If the bookie only accepts trebles or doubles, find another. A few years ago, SSP only accepted 4 match parleys. Effectively, this is like telling the punter: " you can have a bet with us, but we will win in 99 of 100 bets". Luckily, competition in the bookmaking market has grown tougher, and as a result, most bookies these days offer singles on every game and in every sport.

Private bookmakers pay taxes to the country they operate in. In some countries, the bookies pay the punter's tax as well as its own taxes. When betting with online bookmakers, you should not accept taxes on your winnings.

What kind of odds is your bookie offering? How is the odds compared to what others offer on the same event? Does the bookie change the odds a lot, and is the bookie presenting his prices for events early in the week? Even though the bookies do alter their odds (often done on popular events, such as big soccer games, Formula1, Championships, etc), you should get the odds that were offered at the time you placed your bet. If the bookie alters the odds on your event after you've placed your bet, and your odds changes as a result of this, go find another bookie. The bookie's behaviour is then nothing but unacceptable and he's not worthy an honest customer like yourself. Normally this is not a problem, but it has been known to occur from time to time.

Maximum winnings
Check to see if your bookie has got a very low maximum winnings.  For the average punter, this is not important, but for the tough guys, who bet 10 grand rather than a pony now and then, this can be of some importance.

Minimum deposits
Hopefully you will only have to deposit your hard-earned cash once, but it can be worth having a look at the bookies' rules regarding minimum deposits. Some bookies demand a fortune in deposits. Stay away from these vultures!

Recommended Online Bookmaker
Here at Casino 4 Gamers we take any recommendation we make very seriously. We are really pleased to be able to recommend Victor Chandler to you. This bookmaking firm is regarded as the gentleman’s bookmaker, a reputation they thoroughly deserve.

Victor Chandler are not concerned by convention and will always be at the forefront of the betting industry and will always challenge and create new opportunities for bettors. This is the firm that took UK betting to Gibraltar effectively forcing the UK Government to reduce betting tax from 9% to 0%. Enough said!

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