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As tennis has increased in popularity both in terms if the number of people watching televised matches and the number of people playing tennis, there has also been an increase in the number of people betting on tennis matches.

Tournaments such as the Davis cup and Wimbledon send the UK public into frenzy each year with the nation being transfixed on British players such as Tim Henman and Greg Rusedski. This pattern is repeated in Australia, America, France, Spain and with the development of tennis in so many different countries round the world, almost anywhere. In addition, Women's tennis is now increasingly dominated by players aged in there teens. As the stakes become higher for players and in many cases players’ careers become shorter, the prospect of betting on the outcome of a tennis match can become more exciting.

The major tennis Tournaments such as Wimbledon, and especially the Australian Open, typically have shock exits during the first week of the tournament. Seeded players that many would consider a sure thing lose out on a stake in the price money and can dramatically alter the betting odds for the successful outsiders.

We believe that Tennis is one of the best sports for making money.  Why?

Firstly, there are only two outcomes. This may sound obvious, but it should not be underestimated. The draw in sports like Football can be a major obstacle to long term profits.

Secondly, most bookmakers concentrate on sports with a high `margin` or profit like Horse racing. The average margin is around 25% on a big horse race, but only around 5% on a Tennis match! No wonder so many big bookmakers have stopped taking tennis bets on nearly all tennis matches apart from Grand Slams. This is not the case at our recommended bookmaker, Victor Chandler.

Thirdly, it is quite common for the odds compilers to make mistakes, due to the large amount of variables that have to be considered. Ask yourself this: How many male players can you name outside the top 20? Most people can only name a few, but all matches have to be considered, so the workload to study the statistics is just too great for the majority of bookmakers. The net result is that there is often a wide variance in odds from different bookmakers, ideal conditions for Punters!

We have found that the best tournaments for a Tennis Bet, to be the four Grand Slams - Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon and the US Open. Of these the Australian Open is the most unpredictable, as it comes at the beginning of the season, and can produce a lot of surprising results. The first two rounds of these tournaments are usually the most profitable and therefore we recommend you concentrate on the early rounds where there is usually a solid Tennis bet at good odds.

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