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The very best Sportsbook provided exclusively by Victor Chandler.
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Sports Betting

Why choose sports gambling over other forms of gambling? Putting aside the entertainment factor, there is one simple reason. You have a better chance of winning consistently.

Over the long term, you cannot win at most casino games. If you play long enough, you will lose. The possible exceptions are poker, which involves elements of skill and psychology, and blackjack for those who are skilled at counting cards.

Sports gambling offers a unique skill based opportunity for winning. Sports betting essentially involves two opposing bets by individuals with the sportsbook acting as a sort of broker. The sportsbook makes its money from the broker fees - the "juice" and will adjust the odds and betting lines up or down to try and assure a roughly equal number of bettors on both sides of any proposition.

The individual bettor is pitting his judgment on the outcome of an event against the judgment of another bettor. By doing your homework before making a bet, you can directly increase the chances of winning your bets - particularly over the long run.

Here at Casino 4 Gamers you will find a wealth of resource available to you for free. We provide you with a great range of tips and strategies and the right approaches to get the most from your analysis. If you are new to the game we provide you with some solid grounding that will help protect your bankroll and for you to get the maximum fun.

You will also find links to the Casino and Bookmakers where you can earn commission on your own action. The impact this has on sports betting is huge. Imagine that you get a great price on a game and then get paid a proportion of the “juice” back!!! How good is that?



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